Displacement in Urban Core Mapping Project

Map of Displacement 2020 KW

Released today, May 12 2021 - Mapping Displacement in Kitchener-Waterloo: REPORT

The Displacement Mapping project expanded on the 2019 Life Stories of Displacement study, and is funded by the Ontario Job Creation Partnership while being incorporated into a SSHRC-funded project that examines gentrification led by Dr. Brian Doucet. In addition to the 20 interviews collected in 2019, 30 interviews were added in 2020 exploring the impact on racialized, LGBTQ+, Indigenous and immigrant populations.

Eviction Prevention in WR - Two positions open!

Apr 19 2021

Two positions open for tenant information and outreach workers with Social Development Centre Waterloo Region funded by the United Way Waterloo Region Communities. Evictions are an ever inreasing threat to tenants in Waterloo Region, and we are looking for outreach workers in Kitchener-Waterloo and Cambridge - starting at 25hrs per week. Please see the full posting below and email your resume and cover letter to admin@waterlooregion.org to Aleksandra Petrovic - the posting is open until the positions are filled. 

Job Post: 2021 Festival of Neighbourhoods Program Coordinator

Apr 1 2021

Neighbours Taking Over

Kitchener’s Festival of Neighbourhoods team is seeking a candidate with experience in community development and community engagement, both face to face and online, to fill the 2021 Program Coordinator position. Apply by April 16th.

Inclusivity and equity in the city are a particular focus of the Festival of Neighbourhoods and this year, while still in the pandemic mode, we will be building on everything we learned about challenges and successes of remaining good neighbours to continue connecting virtually and transition to face to face encounters again. As virtual and physical remain inseparable, we are looking for a coordinator who is at ease working in both environments and has applied equity and anti-racism lens in their community work. See the qualifications and tasks below, along the application guidelines. 

Tax Clinic 2021

Mar 31 2021

Resuming tax clinicsTax season is well underway and everyone seems very eager to get their taxes completed this year.  We appreciate your patience at this time and for any seeming delays in responses to appointment requests or finalizing your return.  Our small team of volunteers is busy 6 days a week making sure as many low-modest income individuals can take advantage of our free service.

Tax return preparation will be done via phone interview or drop off.  By appointment only.  See the check list for documents you need to prepare.

To book an appointment, please call 519-579-3800 and leave name and number on the tax clinic extension or email tax-clinic@waterlooregion.org.

Let us know if you are not receiving the Ontario Electricity Support Program relief and would need assistance, so we can prepare you for that application as well.

A Better Tent City Living Report March 26

Living Report Banner

In memory of Ron Doyle, the willing landlord at Lot42.
To watch the videos of the sessions, your true still live report, visit our YouTube Channel

To review the generative questions about the future of ABTC open this presentation.

Mental Health - African Immigrant Perspective

Mar 16 2021

mental health PACThe Peaceful Canada Mental Health Support Group presents a series of discussions to support mental health and wellbeing during COVID-19 from the African immigrant community perspective and cultures. Hear and share more during the four sessions, starting April 9 2021: promotion of mental health and self-care; accessing resources, information and advice on how to build a support network; sharing experience and learning from each other; shame, stigma and attitudes around the COVID-19 patients. Read more & register for Zoom sessions. Project realization in collaboration with Peace for All Canada and African Women's Alliance, funded by the United Way Waterloo Region Communities. 

For the Weary - SONICA Exibit in theMUSEUM

Jan 31 2021

Mary Neil For the WearyThe Social Development Centre of Waterloo Region produced Life Stories of Displacement & Homes for All, a series of podcasts where local residents who live on low incomes and have experienced marginalization in its many forms, including housing, spoke about their stories. Mary Neil, a community musician, listened to them all and she got angry: "I got angry at how the system is failing. I got angry at how people could be treated like dirt. I got angry about unfair stereotypes and unjust circumstances." And she wrote the song "For the Weary" that is now part of the SONICA exhibit at theMUSEUM - you have to listen and see. More at Unsheltered Testimonies page.

Peace by Peaceful Means

Jan 27 2021

BaobabPeace for All Canada (PAC) is presenting a series of live webinars and recordings on Gender Based Violence in partnership with African Women Alliance and supported by the United Way Waterloo Region Communities  and the Social Development Centre Waterloo Region. January 28 and 29, as well as February 1 and 2, 11 am to 12 pm the following topics will be discussed: Covid and gender based violence; Culture, religion and gender based violence; Physical, emotional and physiological impact; and Barriers to prevention and response withing African communities. You can learn more by downloading the flyer and joining the virtual meeting (password in the flyer). 

A Better Tent City

The community continues to rally around a much needed demonstration project, a no-barrier alternative to shelters. Why is this A Better Tent City? There is a willing landlord, 24 insulated cabins and an indoor warming space, garbage and recycling, kitchen, washrooms, shower and laundry, a safe and caring place. Find out more at the Civic Hub website.

A Better Tent City has been recognized as Canada’s Top 100 Recovery Projects by the Future of Good.

ABTC Video

Video made by Ken Galloway "A Better Tent City" ends with these words:

"We are people who support our homeless brothers and sisters, while collectively tackling homelessness in practical ways. Help us evolve into an organization that drives social entrepreneurship, education, 

healing and change."

Cash donations are urgently requested to support construction of 10 new private, secure indoor living quarters and the costs of wiring and heating the outdoor cabins. 

Listen to the Current CBC KW - Tiny homes offer shelter for the homeless in Kitchener, Ont.

You can donate by e-transfer to sdcwr@waterlooregion.org or through CanadaHelps ABTC Fund.

Call for Participants: Displacement Out of the Core

Dec 1 2020

Outer Core DisplacementThe Social Development Centre Waterloo Region and School of Planning at University of Waterloo have completed the study that looked at the loss of affordable housing and displacement due to gentrification and rapid development happening in the urban core areas in Kitchener-Waterloo. For this project, we are looking to hear from people living outsiede of the core neighbourhoods in Kitchener, especially those in underserved communities with lived experiences of displacement due to development, renovations and change during the Covid-19 pandemic.