2013 Festival Award Winners

Nov 8 2013

"The Festival of Neighbourhoods is really about providing resources, encouragement and recognition to Kitchener citizens for taking the small step to bring their neighbours together," said Janice Ouellete, the co-organizer of the 20th Festival Finale and the facilitator of volunteer resources fot the City of Kitchener.
All our volunteers did the wonderful job co-hosting a historic celebration and helped in making all our award winners shine. The Festival received an award itself from Catherine Fife, MPP Kitchener-Waterloo!

Below we present to you all the 20th Finale Winners and you can read more in this weeks edition of Kitchener Citizen!

Facebook Photo StreamAll the awards, except the 10 000$ grant, were selected this year by the Steering Committee or the Award Sponsors based on the merit and award criteria.

If you want to learn more about this years activities go to the FON 2012/2013 Map and see some quotes from the neighbours!

To see the photographs from the finale, go to our Facebook photo stream!

20th Anniversary Awards

Festival Steadfast Awards
sponsored by Baton Rouge Waterloo

The award goes to the neighbourhoods that have been registering with the Festival of Neighbourhoods for 20 years since 1994 - Victoria Park, Mount Hope-Breithaupt Park and Olde Berlin Towne.

Special recognition was given to other neighbourhoods who have been registering most of the years since 1994 - Caryndale, Central Frederick and Doon Pioneer Park Neighbourhood.

Mayor’s Challenge Award
Sponsored by the Office of the Mayor and Council

Special 20th Anniversary Award, given to an individual whose entry was selected by the Mayor as the best “story” about “what my neighbourhood means to me” - Marie Morneau from Kingsdale won and took the Mayor and the City Councillor for a walk on November 15th and offered a mind blowing scrapbook she created with her neighbours to her guests!

Community Conversations Award
Sponsored by the Tamarack Institute for Community Engagement

Given to a group who came together for a conversation about neighbourhood memories & dreams - Courtland-Shelley Neighbourhood won this special 20th Anniversary Award!

Traditional Festival Recognition Awards

Newcomer Award
Sponsored by Happenate

The award is given to a group that has registered an event for the first time with the Festival of Neighbourhoods - Ira Needles Neighbourhood!

Neighbourhood Pillar Award
Sponsored by Julia White, Cooperators Insurance.

This award is given to a neighbourhood who has registered an activity for 5 or more consecutive years Topper Woods Neighbourhood started registering 5 years ago and we hope to have registering events for the next 20 years!

Arts & Culture Award
Sponsored by CityWorks

This award is given to a group who has included the arts in their project or activity as a central aspect of the event in order to bring people together - Central Frederick Neighbourhood won with their annual Frederick Street Art Walk.

Youth Award
Sponsored by Waterloo Regional Police Service

This award is given to an in which one or more youth under the age of 21 have taken a leadership role Edgewater Estates won for Collin's Toy Drive!

Inclusion Award
Sponsored by the Independent Living Centre of Waterloo Region

This award is given to a group who has specifically designed an event to be inclusive of diversity, for
example in culture, age, ability, economic level and/or identity - Auditorium Neighbourhood won for their fantastic Knollwood Park Walk.

Safer Neighbourhood Award
Sponsored by Swanson’s Home Hardware Building Centre

This award is given to a group who has registered an event or activity with the purpose of building a stronger, safer neighbourhood by encouraging community engagement and participation - Auditorium Neighbourhood won again with the Waddle Walk!

Green Neighbourhood Award
Sponsored by Enermodal Engineering

This award is given to a group whose project or activity includes or is centered on environmental action such as a neighbourhood book or clothing exchange, community cleanup, conservation or beautification - Lakeside Park Friends won for their Great Backyard Bird Count.

Heritage Award
Sponsored by Festival of Neighbourhoods

Given to a project or activity in which the heritage of the neighbourhood was a main component - Mount Hope-Briehtaupt Park Neighbourhood organized an exciting walk at the historical neighbourhood cemetery.

Neighbourhood Connections Award
Sponsored by Social Planning Council of Kitchener-Waterloo.

This award is given to a neighbourhood that expresses a desire to do more to improve their
neighbourhood or the quality of life for its residents. It is awarded to a group that demonstrates a need and indicates a desire to participate in such a process with the SPCKW - Traynor-Vanier Neighbourhood won thanks to the ideas of the long standing neighbourhood activists.

$10,000 Capital Improvement Grant
Sponsored by the City of Kitchener

The winning entry is drawn from a pool of all registered entries. Neighbourhood groups receive one
entry, so that multiple events from the same neighbourhood are eligible only once - Chandler Mowat won.

Ward Challenge
was won by Ward 10 where most of the activities have been registered for the third year in a row!

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