20th Annual Festival Finale

Oct 22 2013

Sunday October 27, 2013
1 pm – 3 pm
Kitchener City Hall Rotunda

20 Years of Celebrating Neighbours!
Everyone is welcome to the Finale and to join in with the celebration of our neighbourhoods!

The annual Finale is a reunion of keen community leaders who have taken the time to build community where they live. Oftentimes, connections made at the Finale spark ideas and inspire activities that had not been held before. Proud neighbours will share stories of what they did and how their neighbourhood is better because of it – safer, healthier and more connected. And more fun too!

Forty-six neighbourhoods have registered a total of 111 neighbourhood events, projects and activities they held between October 1, 2012 and September 31, 2013. Fall fairs, park cleanups, neighbourhood walks, movie nights and Canada Day celebrations are just a few examples of what have been done to bring neighbours together.

Kitchener’s Festival of Neighbourhoods encourages everyone to build a stronger community by stepping off their front porch and reaching out to meet their neighbours. Each year, an estimated 30,000 people take part in the neighbourhood activities that have been registered during the year.

Registered neighbourhoods are eligible for awards at the Finale! The grand prize is a $10,000 neighbourhood improvement grant from the City of Kitchener. Since the start of the Festival in 1994, nineteen (19) community projects have been made possible through the Festival grant which would not have happened otherwise. These neighbourhood projects will be showcased at the 20th anniversary event on Sunday, as well as 20 years of this long lasting and unique Kitchener tradition.

More About Special Awards at the 20th Anniversary Finale

Three special awards are happening for the 20th anniversary including:
* a special Mayor’s Challenge for the best story about what neighbourhood means
* a Community Conversations Award, sponsored by Tamarack Institute for Community Engagement, for a story that shows how relationships can be deepened in a neighbourhood.
* the 20th special award sponsorship by Bâton Rouge Restaurant for those neighbourhoods that have registered activities all 20 years of the Festival, and gifts to all the people at the finale who helped organize an activity in their neighbourhood in the last 12 months.

Again this year, the Social Planning Council of Kitchener-Waterloo offers the Neighbourhood Connections Award to a neighbourhood that wants to address a social issue in their neighbourhood.

Newcomer Award - Sponsored by Kris Braun, Happenate
The award is given to a neighbourhood that has registered for the first time.

Neighbourhood Pillar Award - Sponsored by Julia White, Co-operators Insurance.
This award is given to a neighbourhood that has registered any activity for 5 or more consecutive years.

Arts & Culture Award - Sponsored by CityWorks
This award is given to a registered activity that has included the arts in their project or activity as a central aspect of the event in order to bring people together.

Youth Award - Sponsored by Waterloo Regional Police Service
This award is given to an activity in which one or more youth under the age of 21 have taken a leadership role.

Inclusion Award -Sponsored by the Independent Living Centre of Waterloo Region
This award is given to an activity that was inclusive of diversity, in culture, age, ability, economic level and/or identity.

Safer Neighbourhood Award - Sponsored by Swansons Home Hardware Building Centre
This award is given to an activity that had the purpose to build a stronger, safer neighbourhood.

Green Neighbourhood Award - Sponsored by Enermodal Engineering
This award is given for an activity that includes or is centered on environmental action such as a community cleanup, conservation or beautification.

Heritage Award – Sponsored by the Festival of Neighbourhoods
Given to a project or activity in which the heritage of the neighbourhood was a main component.

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