52nd Annual General Meeting

Jun 25 2019

Membership 2019ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING, JUNE 25, 6 PM to 7:30 PM at St John Church in Kitchener, entrance from Duke Street. Nominations for the Board & Membership Call 

We are encouraged by the political will and organizational leadership in Waterloo Region that is bringing us closer around common problems in pursuit of common solutions: affordable housing, safe consumption sites, social and economic inclusion, equity and democratic participation. We can best be of service if we amplify lived experience voices across the board and continue creating safer spaces for conversations that do not shy from difference and opposing views.

We will be turning up the volume to project the strong and courageous voices of those currently on the margins and assist in making them a part of the mainstream. Our initiatives are like constellations, recognizable from a far and moving together in sync: Civic Hub, Peer Internships, Supports for Lifelong Engagement, Strong Neighbourhoods, Participatory Advocacy & Research. There are numerous ways we can combine and connect them to initiatives that share the same vision.

Nominations for the Board are still open, our members are our brightest stars & our volunteers and associates are the initiative takers!  


Brian Doucet, Canada Research Chair of Planning, University of Waterloo
Cheryl Grove, Wellbeing Waterloo Region
Suzi Gursoy, Participant Action Group

We want to meet you & learn about what you are doing and what you wish to do! 

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