Appeal for Due Process

Dec 12 2016

Appeal December 5 2016The Social Development Centre relies on partnerships such as the one we have forged with the City of Kitchener over the past five decades.  The work being done at the Social Development Centre deals with what is important to the community and fits well with the City’s own strategic priorities. For 2017, we have asked the City of Kitchener to restore core funding to the Centre to support our social development work.  Good process and fair treatment are important factors in building trust and community so it came as a surprise to our Board of Directors that we did not get any response about what we had proposed for 2017 and that our appeal was stopped and not allowed to proceed.  Representatives from our Board are presenting to City Council on December 12, 2016 their concerns about the process that has unfolded. Read more about our application and the appeal process and get in touch if you have questions or concerns. 

December 12, 2016
The letter to the Mayor and the Council to address the concerns about the process during the Tier 1 Community Grants Application and Appeal Process. 

The chart below outlines the points at which we think the due process has been interrupted. Each of the points on the timeline has a corresponding document attached below it to provide more information on specific steps in the application and appeal process the Social Development Centre has gone through. 

Chart Appeal Process 2017








December 2015

City of Kitchener has made a decision to defund the Social Development Centre's community information - reduced by half in 2016, to $0.00 in 2017. Funding recommended to be continued for the Centre's partnership role in Festival of Neighbourhoods.

September 2, 2016
Invitation from the City of Kitchener for a letter of Intent for 2017 Community Grant Process

October 12, 2016
Application submitted for 2017 Tier 1 Community Grant requested funding for the Centre's social development mandate, outlining work to focus on Kitchener neighbourhoods. 

October 18, 2016
City staff recommendation failing to address the 2017 proposal for social development. Decision was not based on the application's merits based only on the decision to cut funds for community information service that had been made in 2015. 

October 18, 2016
The Centre notified City Staff of intention to appeal. 

November 4,  2016
Meeting with city staff to address what was proposed for 2017 funding application. (follow the link to see a follow up letter after the meeting with City of Kitchener Staff regarding the appeal). 

November 2016 
Mayor and Councillors were asked to meet to discuss the appeal of the staff recommendation as that did not address the 2017 application on its own merit. (follow the link to read an example of the meeting follow up letter regarding the appeal)

December 5, 2016

Community Infrastructure and Services Committee appeal presentation was made. (Follow the link to see the presentation and the ask made before the Committee to give the SDC application a fair review.) 

Video: Community & Infrastructure Services Committee - Part 1, Dec 5, 2016

Community Infrastructure and Services Committee did not respond to the ask to consider the 2017 application on its own merit. Due to unresolved procedural process regarding passing motions in committee before the budget day, the only motion that day was made regarding the SDC funding.  

Appeal Presentation 2016