Being a Tenant in 2019?

Mar 18 2019

Being a Tenant in 2019?

Renters Educating and Networking Together are hosting an open meeting to support tenants to share their experiences and to learn from each other. With the support of the WR Community Legal Services dedicated staff and the Social Development Centre WR community developers, we can voice the concerns in the changing context of provincial legislation and municipal housing strategies. Tuesday, April 9th, 6pm to 8pm at St John Church in downtown Kitchener. Entrance on Duke Street. RSVP or 519-579-3800.

Struggling in communication with the landlord or the management company?

Persistent maintenance issues?

Being threatened by evictions or property changing hands to make space for renovations or redevelopment? Facing unjustified rent increases? 

Having difficulties ensuring property standards enforcement? 

Wonder what are other tenants doing and if there are any tenant associations still in the region? 

This is the space to share your experiences and have your voice heard.  We will share the issues with municipal and provincial elected officials. Every voice counts.

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