Community Conversations

Life in Communities Today

Feb 10 2014

We have spent an energizing day talking about what community means in today's face paced living and today's consuming of things and experiences. Do you choose communities you join by how big, far or demanding they are, or do you make the best of your neighbourhood and your work place you are tied to anyway? Are online communities superficial or an escape? If the good old days are never coming back, what is it we can do to keep nurturing deep and meaningful relationships?

What Community Means - 1000 Conversations

Jan 29 2014

After 45 conversations hosted in Waterloo Region, come together with others to hear the wisdom of over 800 of your neighbours who spoke about the present and the future of community. Hear about the things we have learned individually and collectively at the summit What community Means- February 8th, 10 am - 1 pm at Mary's Place Community Room at 84 Frederick street in Kitchener.

Community Conversations Matter

Aug 1 2013

Community conversations bring together community members, tell us new things about our community and the more involved a person is, the more integrated into their community they will feel. Festival of Neighbourhoods has partnered with Tamarack who sponsors the Community Conversations Award - join in and tell us about your neighbourhood.

Read the new Festival of Neighbourhoods blog to learn about a community conversation at the Courtland-Shelley 20th anniversary barbecue on June 3.

On a related note, Social Planning Council of Kitchener Waterloo's staff and board members had a conversation this past March about communities that was captured in the document, Seeking Community – Wonderful Wandering Wondering Conversations .