Poverty Free Kitchener-Waterloo

Importance of Discretionary Benefits - WR Budget 2014

Dec 6 2013

The Poverty Free Waterloo Region group will be reminding the Region of Waterloo councilors of the importance of discretionary benefits in their upcoming budget. These benefits have been reduced and restricted in 2013 at the same time that the Community Start Up Benefit (CSUMB) was cut. The 2014 Discretionary Benefits fact sheet has been created to paint a picture of the importance of maintaining current levels of funding for Discretionary Benefits, to fill the gaps in assistance for many people on Ontario Works (OW) and Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP). Have your say and support Discretionary Budget Funding at the next Region of Waterloo 2014 Budget Hearings

Permanent Funding for Housing Supports and Homelessness Prevention

Nov 26 2013

While the 2014 budgets are being planned, Poverty Free Kitchener-Waterloo Action Group is joining many provincial networks and some municipal governments, including Region of Waterloo, in asking that the last year's 42 million in transitional funding becomes permanent support to housing and homelessness-related programs. Read the Poverty Free Kitchener-Waterloo letter of support here.
You can join this demand by forwarding the attached letter to the Provincial and Municipal Governments.

Local Input to the Minimum Wage Advisory Panel

Oct 18 2013

Regarding the multiple but connected consultations on poverty reduction, Poverty Free Kitchener-Waterloo raises the importance of integrated systems and different Ministries working together. Equally, there are more meaningful and more accessible ways the government can work on poverty reduction with local partners across the province.

Reducing Poverty for Everyone - Message from Kitchener-Waterloo

Oct 4 2013

At today's Poverty Reduction Consultations in Kitchener, the community was determined to broaden the focus of the strategy in Ontario: Increase Social Assistance Supports, Increase Labour Standards and Minimum Wage, Invest and Lift everyone out of poverty. The regional priorities remain housing and health. The Minister of Community and Social Services, Ted McMeekin said: "No one is guilty for needing assistance and we are all responsible for finding solutions".

Read the consultation submission from the Poverty Free Kitchener-Waterloo Action Group and see the faces and the voices from the Waterloo Region participants on our facebook album.

Community Consultations on Poverty Reduction

Sep 23 2013

As we enter the Fall of 2013, we would like to look back at our January Resolution and see how we have been following through. Poverty Free Kitchener-Waterloo Action Group will co-host with Catherine Fife, MPP Kitchener Waterloo, a community consultation on September 27 at Mary's Place in Kitchener.

Poverty Free KW invites Minister McMeekin for a visit

Jul 24 2013

Dear Minister McMeekin, We are following with interest and concern your informal 20-city tour on the Social Assistance Review Commission Report. We value this effort to validate what people think about the recommendations in this report and the process that has led to this point. We also invite you to come to Kitchener-Waterloo to hear about local contributions that have been made to the process to date.

Throughout all previous consultations, our message has been clear. It is time for action on the following: Raise the rates, Protect the well-being of people with disabilities, Reduce poverty for everyone.

Response to the 2013 Ontario Budget

May 16 2013

The Poverty Free Kitchener-Waterloo Action Group has had an opportunity to review the Budget released May 2nd by the Ontario Government. Of particular interest were budget items related to poverty reduction and social assistance system changes. In general, the Budget language and tone suggest that the Government is attempting to address significant poverty and economic inequality issues in a respectful and non-stigmatising way. However, the details of the Budget fall short of real economic gains for those who are most vulnerable in our communities.

Consultation on Casino in Kitchener

Apr 23 2013

There were 18 delegations registered at the Special Council Meeting on casino in Kitchener on April 23, 2013, and there were four additional speakers - most speaking up for a casino-free Waterloo Region. Poverty Free Kitchener Waterloo Action Group and the Social Planning Council of Kitchener-Waterloo addressed social and economic impact of a counter-productive approach to revenue generation, asking for a full and objective assessment of the proposal.

Ontario 2013 Pre-Budget Consultations

Mar 22 2013

Social Planning Council of Kitchener-Waterloo and the Poverty Free Kitchener-Waterloo Action Group have joined other cross provincial campaigns and delivered their pre-budget submissions to the Ontario Ministry of Finance. Our hope is that the 2013 provincial budget recognizes and reflects the need for investment in income security supported in numerous community conversations.