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Background - Mid Month Connection Newsletter

 Alliance for Children and Youth logoThe Mid Month Connection Newsletter was originally published by the Alliance for Children and Youth of Waterloo Region, which was an independent organization of members working together to improve well-being for children, youth and families in our community. The driving force for the alliance was the belief in sharing responsibility for raising happy, healthy and valued children and youth, and that building on the strengths and capacity already available in our community is an effective approach to do so. The Alliance brought together a wide range of child and youth-serving agencies as well as interested individuals to better the lives of children and youth through collaborative discussions, planning and action. The Alliance for Child and Youth sent out their last Mid-Month connection newsletter in June of 2014 and sent out a notice that the Social Development Centre Waterloo Region was taking over the newsletter in mid-July of 2014. 

Waterloo Region Child & Youth Connection newsletter

Name Change- The Waterloo Region Child & Youth Connection

The name of the newsletter changed to the "Waterloo Region Child and Youth Connection" with the send out of the first newsletter by the Social Development Centre Waterloo Region in early August of 2014. 

About the Social Development Centre

The Social Development Centre Waterloo Region has provided planning and information services to the community in Waterloo Region for almost 50 years. You may know us best as the folks who produce the ‘Blue Book’. One of our goals is to improve access to information people need to deal with their needs. We do this, in large part, through our Resource Centre and HelpLine

We are excited to take on the Mid-Month Connection newsletter as a way to stay aware of what is available for families, children and youth and to stay in touch with the various service providers who work to improve the well-being of children, youth, and their families. Your information helps us provide better service to the community.

About this Page

This Child and Youth Page will house the archives of the Mid-Month Connection Newsletter and earlier material created by the Alliance for Children and Youth.  Future information and newsletters will also be archived there as well to provide one-stop access to stay on top of new information and newsletter releases and to still access all of the work done by the Alliance if you need that for future reference. This page will also house other information we think may be of interest to the child and youth services sector including other Waterloo Region child and youth-focused activities, such as the Children's Planning Table, and the Child Wellbeing Dashboard map.

Additional Supports for Children, Youth and Families

For additional support to local service providers and families we will include access to our various community resources including Family Needs pamphlets and the searchable community information directories such as the web version of the Blue Book of Community Services in Waterloo Region; the Waterloo Region Immigrant Supports Directory and Access Waterloo Region Directory of Services for Persons with Disabilities. We hope this will be helpful in your day to day work as well as to others in the community wanting to be better informed and to get connected. Visit our Get Informed page to download any of our pamphlets or other publications, as well as access our searchable directories for all of your information needs! 

If you would like more information about the Waterloo Region Child and Youth Connection or would like to submit articles or events for inclusion in the newsletter, please contact us at or on Twitter at @WRChildYouth.

Please note that the deadline for submission of articles or events is the 13th of each month.