Consultation: Traynor-Fairway Crossing Alternative Locations

Dec 4 2017

Crossing AlternativesThe City of Kitchener and Region of Waterloo joint project team has presented an at-grade gated pedestrian crossing as a preferred solution during the open house on December 2. Due to the safety concerns and the most direct access to the essential commercial area, the preferred crossing would require a new formal fenced walkway north of the LRT and a new walkway access the commercial area to the south of the tracks leading to the crossing with the traffic lights. Residents can review other alternative crossings presented and give their feedback before December 22, 2017.

At the consultation, the residents were asking questions about when the crossing would be installed and what the winter would be like for pedestrians in the neighbourhood. This is one of the areas with the lowest car usage and the current bus routes are time consuming, as well as involve paying for bus fares to get to locations otherwise only minutes away on foot.

The project team will be presenting the results from the study and the consultation to both Regional and City Councils in Spring 2018. At that point, the selected option will be costed out and a location for a probable land acquisition will be identified.  Timing of construction will depend on the time it takes to make the final project design, the system operations and of course, the funding.

Take a look at the proposed alternatives and the next steps and make sure your comments are sent to the Interim Manager of Transportation Planning before December 22nd.

Summary of the process: Pedestrian Connection Feasibility Study Traynor Ave to Fairway Rd

Presentation of the Preliminary Solutions: At-grade Gated Pedestrian Crossing

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LRT Crossing Next Steps

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Preferred Design LRT Crossing

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