Equity and Inclusion in Education

Sep 26 2017

SPNO LogoSocial Planning Network of Ontario is opening up a discussion about equity and inclusion in education across 14 communities. In Waterloo Region, we invite students, parents and community members as equity advocates to join teachers, administrators and researchers to create strategies and share resources to improve student well-being. We would like to hear from you as we move towards a unique response that resonates with our community. If you wish to join the exploration and action, get in touch with us sdcwr@waterlooregion.org / 519-579-3800.

Please let us know if you need assistance to participate such as childcare, transportation, interpreters.

Discussion questions:

•What would equity and inclusion in education look like for low income students?

•What evidence do you have that low income students experience inequity and exclusion in their schooling? 

•What role does poverty play in the educational experience of elementary and high school students?

•What examples or stories can you share about equity or inequity in education from your own experience or observations as a student, parent, and/or educator? 

•What inequities do you think are general across the province’s education system and which do you think are especially evident here in our community?

•What kind of knowledge or information do you think we need to reduce/eliminate inequities in education and to achieve full inclusion? 


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