We Are Moving Downtown

Apr 28 2016

Trinity United Church Our Centre reopened at 74 Frederick Street on Monday May 9th. During the transition you can still reach us by phone at community HelpLine 519-579-3800 and our administration line 519-579-1096. We will be responding to emails as well at info@waterlooregion.org. We look forward to continue to serve the community at our new location and our Walk-in hours will be posted as soon as the sidewalk construction work in front of the church is completed.

VisitAble Housing Forum Report

Apr 7 2016

The forum we hosted on VisitAble Housing was attended by planners, builders, realtors, elected officials, advocates and consumers. All supported the concept and agree that everyone would benefit from this thoughtful and inclusive design. Explore and learn more about this concept that holds a promise to improve lives of many - view the videos of the presentations and accompanying slides. We posted a brief report from the afternoon workshop and would like to hear from you as well. 

Income Support Programs that Truly Work

Mar 17 2016

On Wednesday March 16, 2016, I was interviewed by CBC K-W regarding the basic guaranteed income. Before and after the interview there have been brief news items that report I am not in support of basic guaranteed income. At no time did I say that a guaranteed income was a bad idea. I did say it was a good direction to go with much still to be worked out. People who have only heard these brief items have been understandably critical. I have written the summary below which presents the main points I made. Trudy Beaulne, Executive Director, Social Development Centre Waterloo Region

VisitAble Housing Forum March 23rd

Mar 8 2016

Visitable Housing Forum 2016VisitAble Housing: From Concept to Reality - Join the Social Development Centre Waterloo Region and the Kitchener-Waterloo VisitAble Housing Task Force in a panel presentation and/or breakaway group discussion on VisitAble housing as necessary to an inclusive community.

March E-Neighbour Tips and Tools

Mar 5 2016

FON Card 2016Kitchener's Festival of Neighbourhoods is getting into its Spring look and feel. March E-Neighbour brings you more tips and resources for the launch of the Spring season of FUN neighbourhood activities! Be a part of a fantastic community conversation during the Neighbourhood Strategy Kick-off Event on April 26th and replenish your pool of ideas and tools to bring the neighbours together.

Be a Peer Coach - Older Adults and Technology

Jan 22 2016

older adults and technologyDid you enjoy using technology in 2015? Have you been helping friends, family members, and others around you use computers or mobile devices? If you are 55+ and interested in helping others learn skills to access information, join us in a peer-coach training this February and March. You can help many older adults get more information and assistance. Get in touch with Aleksandra at 519-579-1096/*3009 or ConnectKW@waterlooregion.org.

Let's Have FUN! January E-Neighbour is Here!

Jan 20 2016

January 2016 E-Neighbour

This year’s Festival of Neighbourhood’s theme puts FUN at the centre of neighbourhood gatherings! Read our January E-Neighbour and learn more about organizing your activities so everyone has fun. Even you! The upcoming Early Bird Draw will be held at the end of January - we already have 22 registrations to draw from. Make sure you keep on registering your activities early and often!

We Can Help with Electricity Bill Relief

Jan 18 2016

Electricity Bill Relief We are a local agent to assist with applications to get help to cover the cost of electricity for low income families. Our intake workers can answer your questions, check your eligibility and help you fill out the application. To make an appointment call our community HelpLine 519-579-3800.

Disabilities & Human Rights Group Meeting Postponed

Jan 12 2016

The Disabilities and Human Rights Group meeting is postponed due to weather conditins slowing down the public transit. We wil be meeting on Wednesday, January 20th 1:30 - 3:30 pm 1st Floor Board Room 151 Frederick St., Kitchener

Agenda Topics: 2015 project next steps and how will we be affected if we lose Community Information Centre?

Kitchener De-Funds Local Community Information Services

Dec 17 2015

City of Kitchener Appeal Presentation 2015When we submitted our 2016 annual Tier 1 community grant application to the City of Kitchener we asked for the renewal of our community information services funding and additional support for the organization of community forums. The Community Infrastructure & Services Standing Committee accepted a City Staff recommendation to phase out of our grant for community information services. Funds would be maintained to support our involvement in the Festival of Neighbourhoods. Read more and review the appeal presentation submitted at the Council Meeting on December 14th 2015. The support letters were submitted as well and we are making available the transcript of the delegations at the Council meeting in favour of the unique value our community services bring to Kitchener.