Basic Income Pilot Forum

Nov 21 2016

Basic Income Pilot ForumLearn more about Basic Income, the Finding A Better Way report and the recommendations that the Government of Ontario is considering to design a pilot project. We will discuss key points of the design of the pilot project in order to understand more and contribute to the public consultation: who to include, how to do it, where to do it and how to evaluate the outcomes. Have the conversation with your peers about this important project on Wednesday December 7, 2016 from 6:30 pm until 9 pm at the Trinity United Church Annex, 74 Frederick Street in Kitchener.

Pedestrian Safety Checklist Fall 2016

Nov 17 2016

The wonderful weather we are having this Fall is delightful and rare. However, even with the warm temperatures and sunny days, the Disabilities and Human Rights Group of the Social Development Centre reminds everyone that fall is the time of year to pay particular attention to sidewalk safety.

Sidewalks can be dangerous places for those who experience any degree or type of mobility challenge, be it balance or strength, using a walker or other mobility device or having a sensory limitation such as a visual impairment. A safety assessment checklist was created last year has been updated this November. Share with your neighbours, friends and family.

Story of US and Story of NOW

Nov 15 2016

Story of Us and Story of NowIf you value the work we do in the community, come to the first Advocacy Training Workshop to learn more about the importance of good message building on November 18 at 6pm - 9pm. In order to support our campaign to regain core funding from the City of Kitchener, we invite you to help shape the Story of 'Us' and Story of 'Now' regarding the social development initiatives we worked on together. 

Congratulations to 2016 Award Winners

Nov 13 2016

Youth Award Winners Festival of Neighbourhoods 2015/2016 season registered 170 inclusive activities from 54 neighbourhoods (see the 2016 Map). We wish to congratulate all the Award Winners at the 23rd Festival Finale and to express our gratitude to all the Award Sponsors, as well as all the neighbouhrood leaders, volunteers and champions for making the past season a wonderful experience for everyone. Find out who won the awards in thE-Neighobur and expect the announcement of this season's theme soon! 

LRT Crossing Study

Nov 1 2016

Traynor-Vanier appartments (by Innah Gaspar)Two public meetings are being scheduled to support the feasibility study done by the City of Kitchener and the Region of Waterloo to determine if and where the pedestrian crossing over the LRT tracks in Traynor-Vanier could be constructed. The City of Kitchener staff has consulted the KW Tenant Group and Social Development Centre regarding the first meeting coming up in November to introduce the study, assess the context, present evaluation criteria and outline high level crossing options. (Photo taken by Innah Gaspar)

National Housing Strategy Submission

Oct 23 2016

The October 12th community discussion about the National Housing Strategy mirrored the summary of points compiled from previous work done by the Social Development Centre on affordable, safe and accessible housing. It highlights the consistency of concerns that exist in Waterloo Region: housing is more than a physical building; it enables social and community life;  supportive, affordable and accessible housing are core housing needs; alternate models for housing types and financing to be offered, thinking both rural and urban needs; upgrade regulations and enforcement of property standards with rental housnig; and always plan with those who need affordable and accessible housing. Read the full submission to the Ministry of Families, Children and Social Development

Invest in Social Development

Oct 14 2016

System Analysis of Poverty Social Development Centre (SDC WR) has again applied to the City of Kitchener for core funding. This is an important and appropriate investment so SDC WR can maintain its course  addressing social issues that affect the quality of life in Kitchener.  Especially for those community members who are not part of mainstream decision-making.

At SDC WR people matter, regardless of how vocal, tech savvy, or confident they are to participate in the public sphere. ...

Let's Talk Housing October 12th

Sep 21 2016

Let's Talk Housing 2016We are organizing three different talks on October 12 to prepare local input the National Housing  Strategy Consultation. You can join discussion with our action groups, Poverty Free and Disabilities and Human Rights, come to a drop in session. or help us shape the main points collected during the day at a wrap up sessionThe day is organized in collaboration with the members of the Community Social Planning Council. 

Neighbourhood Resource Associate Opportunity

Sep 19 2016

Traynor-Vanier BBQ 2016KW Tenant Group and the Social Development Centre Waterloo Region are looking for a Resource Support Associate to augment their team working in Traynor-Vanier neighbourhood. The activities and the programs for children and youth are starting this fall and would need additional supports on site. Also, Social Development Centre WR has a community information outpost in the neighbourhood and would like to

It is Finale Celebration Time!

Sep 14 2016

Delve into the Festival of Neighbourhoods September E-Neighbour, the issue that announces our 23rd Annual Finale Celebration on October 16th! We are putting a highlight on the Awards that will recognize special efforts made by neighbours across Kitchener. When you register your activities, make sure to tell us if your activity had a worthwhile focus on inclusion, arts, safety, youth, heritage or social conditions in your neighbourhood. If you register before October 5th, you will be a part in a great celebration with community champions like yourself and have an exceptional chance to win one of the two capital investment grants this year!