Kitchener Summer Activities- 2014

Jul 14 2014

Check out what is happening this summer in Kitchener! The list was compiled through online scanning. It is not comprehensive, and will be updated if new events are found. If you would like to include an event/activity, please contact the Community Information Centre at 519-579-3800 or email

Mayor's Challenge is Open Again!

Jul 8 2014

Mayors Challenge 2014Would you like to take your Mayor for a walk around your neighbourhood this fall? Then, tell us what your neighbourhood means to you! You can write or sing about it. Take some photos of your favourite places. Draw a picture that exists around the corner or that is only in your mind. Submit a story in a medium of your choice and take this wonderful chance to connect with the Mayor, celebrate your City and talk about items of interest to your neighbourhood! The Mayor and the Festival of Neighbourhods representative will choose the winner who would lead the tour. Deadline for applications is October 6th at 3 pm.

Cambridge Summer Activities 2014

Jul 3 2014

Check out what is happening this summer in Cambridge! The list was compiled through online scanning. It is not comprehensive, and will be updated if new events are found. If you would like to include an event/activity, please contact the Community Information Centre at 519-579-3800 or

Canada Day Events and Activities - 2014

Jun 27 2014

Looking for events or activities to keep yourself busy and entertained on Canada Day? Look no further! Our enquiry counsellors have compiled a list of fun things to do on Canada day, as well as some reminders about safety and bylaws related to fireworks for all the cities in the Region. If you know of any activities that we've missed, please call 519-579-3800 or email us at

Presenting Social Development Awards

Jun 19 2014

47 Annual General Assembly of the Social Planning Council was held on June 18th at the Hawk's Nest at Wilfrid Laurier University. We were proud to award the Social Development Award to two individuals, Nancy Cherry and Valerie Manica, and to two organizations, the Community Care Access Centre and the Waterlo Regional Labour Council. "High Touch & High Tech" balance in journalism was discussed with Andrea Bellemare.

Take Control of Your Vote on June 12!

Jun 10 2014

"Absolutely take control of our democratic process... The candidates put themselves forward, they made a commitment, they made an offer and we should respect that. Make them work, not for us, but with us all the way through," call to voters made by Trudy Beaulne, the Executive Director of the Social Planning Council, acknowledging that there is disillusionment but that abstaining or refusing a ballot is not the way to go. "Pick the best candidate and the best party for the issues you think you can work with. Don't let your cynicism take control of you." SPC of KW and Poverty Free KW worked hard for the last few months to try and make the issues clearer, so that policy directions make sense. " If no party platform reflect what is important to you, take a look at the candidate and see which will listen. Work together with local organizations, such as the Social Planning Council, and the elected representatives on the things that matter in our community .

Kitchener-Waterloo All Candidates June 5

Jun 9 2014

First United Church was a home of yet another all-candidates session on June 5, a welcoming place for people eager to share more about social issues and for Kitchener-Waterloo riding candidates eager to hear more about the reality of their constituents. We had a privilege to be with four strong women candidates, all with their personal and professional attachment to social policy, education and income security issues. Many of the people with lived experience of struggling with housing, health and inclusion joined round table discussions and tried to listen, understand and respect different points of view. Again we saw the four values at work: equality, legacy for the future, compassion and community of voices.

Read and hear more of what was said at tables and how the candidates responded in their presentations.

Youth IMPACT All-Candidates Session June 2

Jun 5 2014

Youth Impact Session We have had a great youth team take us through the issues that matter on June 2 all-candidates session: child welfare, community infrastructure, neighbourhoods and personal safety, environment, mental health, financial stability and employment. The ages of participants ranged from 16 to 76! Huge thank you to the Family Centre and the Family and Child Services Youth Advisory Board for adding more table topics, for their precious note taking and facilitation, and for stating again that we need to look after the well-being of many generations into the future and that the time to act is now. We had seven candidates with us from three Kitchener ridings and they enjoyed listening and talking about youth and their experience.

We have prepared two fact sheets on youth issues: Education, Employment and Poverty & Independence and Belonging. Please read below the summary of notes taken at round tables and listen carefully to the responses the candidates made after the discussions.

Kitchener Centre All Candidates May28

May 29 2014

poverty free OntarioInnovative! That was the comment heard from candidates at the Kitchener Centre election event hosted by the Social Planning Council and its Poverty Free K-W partners at Mary's Place. This is often the reaction we get when political candidates, instead of being shown to a head table to prepare for the gauntlet of questions to be thrown at them, we invite them to sit with their constituents to discuss important issues in our community. What a difference from the traditional debate. How refreshing! At the Kitchener Centre round tables on May 28th, we talked about income, housing, health, employment, transportation, energy, taxes, public services and meaningful participation. Below, you can read the summary of the discussion that took place at the tables, as well as see the presentations made by the candidates in response to the issues raised.

Balancing High Tech-High Touch, 47 Annual Meeting

May 22 2014

47th AGMRelationship building, both face-to-face and on line, seems to be even more important as we get deeper into a digital age. Join our members and guests as we explore the balance between "High Touch & High Tech" in our daily work. 47 Annual General Assembly of the Social Planning Council will be held on June 18th at the Hawk's Nest, Student Centre at Wilfrid Laurier University 75 University Avenue West in Waterloo.