Summer Jobs 2018

May 16 2018

Summer Students 2017The Social Development Centre Waterloo Region has two openings for students seeking experience in a community social development setting. The positions open are the Community Resource Associate and Social Planning Associate. The positions would be filled for 8 weeks, between June 5, 2018 – August 25, 2018 for 30 hours per week. If you between 16 and 30, have just completed a full year of post-secondary education and will be going back to school full time this fall, you can submit an application

Every Voice Counts! Come on Board!

May 14 2018

The Social Development Centre of Waterloo Region is recruiting Board Members to join the team at the 51st Annual General Meeting on June 28, 2018.

Board of Directors provides the oversight and the support for the operation and the strategic direction of the Centre, and at this particular time, is working hard to ensure the sustainability of the work and the legacy of our impact. Read more about our work to make every voice be heard

We are seeking candidates for the Board of Directors who reflect the diversity of the community in order to fill positions with specific expertise and experience. (read more)

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All Candidates Meetings - How To

Apr 27 2018

All Candidates How To

The Social Development Centre Waterloo Region has been the host of many all-candidates sessions and has learned that a good way to share knowledge is to bring people together in a meaningful conversation.  Small group conversations place us in a more equal position and open a wider space for exchange. The candidates are encouraged to ask questions and residents are encouraged to answer them! As one of the candidates in 2014 put it:

“What a relief not to be pushed against each other but have a true chance to know the people and the issues better!”  

 To prepare for a more traditional all-candidates session, see the guide from the Income Security Advocacy Centre. If you wish to organize a participatory meet-the-candidates session, see our quick guide and enjoy the process!


Oral History Project - Trudy Beaulne's Work & Legacy

Apr 20 2018

Leading Women AwardOral History Project, initiated in 2017 to mark the 50th Anniversary of the Social Development Centre Waterloo Region, continues this May through collaboration with the Commons Studio to record the testimonies about the contribution Trudy Beaulne made over 18 years as the Executive Director of the organization. 

On April 20, 2018 Trudy Bealunewas recognized as one of the recipients ofthe Leading Women Leading Girls Award by the Ontario Ministry for the Status of Women. Trudy's daughters,
Laura and Rebecca, received the award.

The Oral History Project will capture Trudy’s work and vision that shaped the Social Development Centre in its unique community building role. Everyone who has been involved or impacted by this work is welcome to share a unique piece of history. If you want to contribute to the Oral History Project get in touch with us

Affordable Housing and Cost of Living

Mar 26 2018

AliveALIVe Group had a joint meeting with Poverty Free KW group on March 23rd. The meeting was dedicated to the topic of affordable housing and the increasing costs of living that make it impossible for low-income earners and social assistance recipients not to go into debt without much hope of repaying it. The need for more affordable housing has set some federal and provincial wheels in motion, but as the policies are being developed, many of the current needs will remain unmet.

Help Us Help Ontario Campaign

Mar 22 2018

Help us help OntarioA much needed minimum wage boost has come to Ontario. The Government recognized the impact of higher labour costs on the small business. The nonprofit sector requires similar consideration! The Social Planning Network of Ontario urges you to tell your MPP and to share the campaign in your networks: Help Us Help Ontario

Time to Break the Ice

Mar 13 2018

Spring is just around the corner and with it come great opportunities to bring your neighbours together. Is your neighbourhood ready to wake up from its beauty sleep? As the ice melts, greet everyone on your street and in front of your building. Tell us about who moved in and who likes to stop and chat. If you get some neighbours together for a clean up or a walk, register with the Festival of Neighbourhoods! We have the March 15 Early Bird registration deadline coming up. Read more in the March E-Neighbour.

Rooted in Lived Experience

Mar 9 2018

Groups With Lived ExperienceOnly being rooted in lived experience of people in the region can we aspire to be successful in fulfilling our mandate. Trudy Beaulne's approach to social policy development was anchored firmly in support and collaboration with small groups where people came to find resources, to share what they know and to take action together. Groups such as Disabilities and Human Rights and Poverty Free KW have been advising us over the years as we developed projects on poverty elimination, social assistance reform, accessibility standards, visitable housing, service delivery and more. If you want to join one of the groups or be an ally, you can come to one of the upcoming meeting at our Centre. 

Priorities and Values, In Her Own Words 1999-2016

Trudy Beaulne’s Values and Priorities in Community Building, in her own words.
"Our work is guided by values, generally social justice, participatory democracy, community knowledge, diversity and building relationships—social capital—because that is the foundation of society and solid communities.”

1999 ED Report

“It has become apparent that social planning councils and community information centres play an important role in the community.”

Tribute Page for Trudy Beaulne - Add Your Story

Trudy Beaulne Lives in All that We Do
Letter from the Board, Staff and Members


I will remember her as a fierce advocate for change in the political systems to help underprivileged people.

Hazel Courtney


Trudy was a dedicated and tireless community builder. I will always remember her for her generosity, kindness and ironclad commitment to making the community a better place.

Dave Thomas