Housing Lived Expertise Working Group Recruitment

Mar 14 2022

LEWG RecruitmentThe City of Kitchener and the Social Development Centre Waterloo Region (SDCWR) are recruiting members for a 2-year pilot project called the Housing Lived Expertise Working Group to support the implementation of the Housing For All strategy. 12 Community Connectors Needed representing underserved groups and communities. Applications due April 1st, 2022. The project is funded and supported by the Community Housing Transformation Centre. 

What will the working group do?

  • Support the implementation and monitoring of the City’s Housing For All Strategy. READ IT HERE! 
  • Advocate for the priorities of underrepresented communities in the City’s decision making around housing and homelessness.
  • Co-create a more ethical model of community engagement that centres lived-expertise.

What will Community Connectors Do?

  • Attend three 2-hour meetings per month to share lived expertise and collaborate with other local advocates.
  • Participate in two-days of orientation plus ongoing training opportunities, skill building, and supports.
  • Contribute community building work as needed between meetings to advance community housing priorities.
  • Support the City of Kitchener better incorporate lived expertise into decision making.

All work will be recognized but you will have choice on what recognition is most meaningful to you (eg. money, gifts or other honours equivalent to $40/meeting and $100/full day activities)

How to apply? Mail and online, over the phone too

Applications due April 1st, 2022

Fill out the printable application form and mail to: Social Development Centre Waterloo Region 23 Water St N, Kitchener, ON, Canada N2H 5A4

Fill out online form: https://forms.gle/FaWjcUgMaPawArmz9

The Selection Committee is composed of leaders in lived expertise groups and outreach workers who have done advocacy with lived experience groups and individuals.

If you have any questions or need support to complete your application please contact David Alton at SDCWR david.alton@waterlooregion.org & phone: 226-507-8964

* * * 

More information about the process we are embarking on together.

What does it mean to centre lived-expertise?

  • Your lived-experience will be treated as expertise and you will be compensated for your time and knowledge.
  • All processes and outcomes will be created in collaboration with you, your communities, SDCWR, and the City.
  • You will have access to supports to remove barriers to participation. (e.g. access to technology, bus/taxi fares, childcare, disability supports)
  • This is a long-term project that prioritizes building trusting relationships with you and the rest of the working group.
  • The layers of your lived-experience and how they impact housing will be incorporated through an intersectional approach.

What does an intersectional approach look like?

Intersectionality describes how experiences of oppression, discrimination and privilege combine together to create unique impacts for individuals and communities. The working group will bring together diverse voices to highlight how these intersections impact housing and to counter systemic
imbalances in power, privilege and access.

Our team has been conducting pre-recruitment consultations since November 2021 and drawn from many suggestions of community members from underrepresented groups about the strategies to improve and co-design the process ahead.

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