Festival of Neighbourhoods

Inclusion Challenge 

This year with the “Reach!” theme, we want to encourage you to engage and extend yourself into your  neighbourhood, to reach out. You might find that doing so might increase your capacity, or your “reach”. You might find that you can reach people you would not have engaged otherwise. This theme is a call to action. Stretching yourself beyond your usual comfort zone to connect with others might seem difficult at first, but you might find yourself pleasantly surprised with reciprocity. 

Read the list of ideas to make your neighbourhood gathering welcoming and accessible to everyone and

Take the Inclusion Challenge 
to REACH out a little further!

What is Festival of Neighbourhoods?

Festival of Neighbourhoods is a longstanding Kitchener initiative to foster and grow an annual community tradition that encourages, recognizes and celebrates citizens coming together across diversity in their neighbourhoods. It is the belief in neighbourhoods and the power of connections in a physical space we inhabit that initiated this unique tradition in 1994.

Take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions about the Festival!

You plan how to bring neighbours together! We plan how to support you! 

Festival of Neighbourhoods invites citizens to plan activities, projects, gatherings or events in their neighbourhoods that bring people together and are open to everyone.  Committed to building healthy communities, Festival of Neighbourhoods encourages people to build stronger relationships with their neighbours by:

Founding Partners

* Social Development Centre Waterloo Region 
City of Kitchener 
John MacDonald Architect Inc.

Neighbourhood Improvement Grants in 2016: $20,000 and $10,000

Winners of the grants will engage their neighbours to select an appropriate improvement project and work with city departments and other partners to implement the project. This year's winners were drawn on October 16 at the Festival Finale at the Kitchener City Hall: Edgewater Estates won the $10,000 grant and Hohner Avenue won $20,000 grant! Take a look at the list of winning neighbourhoods and the winning projects since 1994. Register your neighbourhood activity, come to celebrate all our successes and you might be the one who wins! 

Quick Links

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* Are you hungry for a bit of history? Read the 2001 research about the Festival of Neighbourhoods: Kitchener Season of Celebration and Festival of Neighbourhoods.

* What can we learn from our everyday stories? Read some of them in the 2016 Neighbours Day article.


We will go all the extra miles to make the registration easier and smoother! Let us know how we can assist you. Provide as much detail as you can about your event and put your activity in the spotlight of inclusion, safer neighbourhood, greener neighbourhood, youth leadership, arts and culture or heritage! Festival Registration

In Person at your Community Centre

You could always come by and drop off your registration form at the Social Development Centre Waterloo Region at 74 Frederick Street in Kitchener - but, as of 2013, you can drop it off at your neighoburhood Community Centre!


If you have been registering with the Festival in the recent years, you can go to the SHORT registration form right now - and register multiple events!

If you pre-registered an event, you can finish your registration after the event through the online completion form

If this is your first time registering an activity, please, complete the FULL online registration form.


We have a Word registration form that you can fill in on your computer and email to entries@festivalofneighbourhoods.ca. If you have questions or have any additional information to share, please send these to entries@festivalofneighbourhoods.ca. Also, if you have any flyers, photos or other information you want to share about your neighbourhood activity, please send these as an email attachment. You can also contact Aleksandra at 519-579-3800 if you need further assistance.

Fax and Mail in

You may also download and print the registration form to send in by mail or by fax (519-578-9185).


Or, simply call us and tell us all about your activity at 519-579-3800! The information you provide in this form will be used only by Festival of Neighbourhood personnel. Some information may be used for Festival promotion. No information will be made public in any way that identifies individuals. Personal information such as name and address of contacts will be used solely for the purposes of administration and will not be released to any other party.

NEW: Booking your Neighbourhood Activity Trunk

When you make your booking for the Neighbourhood Activity Trunk, we will use the information to pre-register your activity! You can complete your registration after the activity has taken place and tell us more about the people and the efforts made to make the activity inclusive, artistic, green or youth led!

Word NAT Booking Form

Online NAT Booking Form

Contact Information

Aleksandra Petrovic 

Kitchener's Festival of Neighbourhoods
co/ Social Development Centre Waterloo Region
74 Frederick St, Kitchener N2H 2L7 
Tel: 519-578-3800
Tel/TTY: 519-579-1096
Fax: 519-578-9185