Ontario Pre-budget Submission

Jan 29 2019

Mavyn Novick 2011Since the introduction of the Blueprint for Poverty Free Ontario in 2009 and the social assistance review, Social Planning Network of Ontario, Social Development Centre Waterloo Region and Disabilities and Human Rights Group have been asking for immediate increase of social assistance rates. It was 10 years ago. Disability and Human Rights Group is reminding Ontario government in their pre-budget submission that employment will never be a solution for many on ODSP, and that dignity and income security relies on the readiness of the government to bring its people out of poverty by increasing the rates significantly as other work related programs are being designed. Watch the presentations by Marvyn NovickHuman Dignity for All: Working for a Poverty Free Ontario, on behalf of the Social Planning Network of Ontario, at the event hosted by the Social Development Centre Waterloo Region, Ray of Hope, and Poverty Free Waterloo Region on April 28, 2011.

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