Pedestrian Crossing Project at a Standstill

Oct 11 2017

Traynor Fairway Fence October 2017This October, the residents in Traynor-Vanier woke up seeing the Fairway side of the tracks completely fenced off. The fence opening on the Traynor side will be closed as well as the LRT testing starts in November. After the consultation in January, the residents did not receive any follow up information about the joint city-region plan to install a pedestrian crossing. The trains will start running next Spring but the funds and the project for the crossing is still not in place. You can read the Record articles posted on the KW Tenant Group Facebook Page and see the recording of the Council presentation and discussion during the Regional Council meeting on October 11, 2017. More information available at the Neighbourhood Connection page, including the initiative timeline 2016-2017.