Resource Centre

Are you looking for ways to get informed, connected and grow your initiative?

Our Resource Centre is located at 74 Frederick Street in Kitchener.
We are open for walk-in, phone, and email inquiries.
We provide information, referral, system navigation and technology support to individuals, groups and organizaitons. 

Information and ReferralAccess to Computers and Internet






Education and Training

Face to face and online learning solutions for different training and organizational development needs.

  • Enquiry training - Information and Referral Services
  • Technology training for older adults
  • Peer to peer supports for immigrant women
  • How to organize participataory pre-election forums, consultations and community forums
  • Cross sector collaboration

Events and Training SpaceMeeting Space





Community Space

Let's partner and we can offer facilitation support at meetings, events and consultations, as well as a comfortable space for various types of gtherings and collaborative work. Contact Us for more information.