Resuming Tax Clinics

Apr 23 2020

Resuming tax clinicsWe are now preparing tax returns through phone interviews through the free tax clinic. To book a phone interview, please email Let us know if you are not receiving the Ontario Electricity Support Program relief and would need assistance.

UPDATE May 15, 2020: 

It was announced that Canadians currently receiving  GST/HST and/or Canada Child Benefit  and have not filed their tax return by June 1, 2020 will continue to receive these benefits  until September.  If tax returns are not filed by September 2020, benefits will be cutoff in October.

June 1, 2020 is still the deadline for those owing taxes for 2019 and the tax payment is due September 1, 2020.

No announcement has been made about whether the Ontario Trillium Benefits will be extended to September 2020 if taxes are not filed by June 1,2020