September E-Neighbour

Sep 15 2014

Walk with the Mayor 2013

The 2013-2014 Festival of Neighbourhoods season is coming to an end. Our summer outreach blitzes brought great joy to Millwood, Moorgate and Westchester neighbourhoods (read our outreach team's blogs). We have received 102 registrations and we expect more to come before the time runs out on October 5th! We are grateful to our Early Bird sponsors this year, Vladimir and Alejandra Ivic, KW Pickleball Association and the City of Kitchener, who increased the amount of the Neighbourhood Improvement Grant to $21,000. If you have big ideas how to build your neighbourhood from the inside out, read the September E-Neighbour and be there on November 2nd at the Kitchener City Hall 1-3 pm for the Festival Finale! You will bring your best stories to share and take the awards and prizes with you.