Social Development Award Winners 2015

Dec 9 2015

Social Development Award Winners 2015We present to you the winners of the Social Development Awards 2015, our precious partners and collaborators on a range of projects and deep-rooted community initiatives. By getting to know the people we work with, you will learn about important project in our community and about our continuous commitment to social development through education, information, engagement and research. Follow the links and learn about the good-doers among us.

- Michelle Watson and Sylvia Mueller, InformOntario - Association of Community Information Centres of Ontario. Working with our peers over four decades, we have created standards of practice for information management and information exchange in the province and in turn strengthened the local information and referral services in the region. Read about the Building Local Support to Ontario Newcomers Project

- Tara Bedard and Daniella MacIntosh, Immigration Partnership Waterloo Region. At the end of 80'ies the Social Planning Council has provided leadership through its community information needs assessment to connect the first settlement support organizations in the region. Today, as we have a strong immigration agencies partnership in place, we wish to appreciate our shared effort to engage and create a tailored Waterloo Region Immigrant Services Directory and Everfresh Direct Links. The Directory is particularly relevant now when we are expecting many Syrian refugees to settle in the region.  

- Peter Clutterbuck, Social Planning Network of Ontario. Peter has provided guidance to community based social planning in Ontario and as a relentless champion for the sector, he has worked with us creating resources, strategies and discussion forums for poverty reduction work and community development.  You can hear part of the retrospect in his presentation at the Decent Work & Decent Income forum held May 1, 2015 in Kitchener that opened our Decent Lives and Strong Neighbourhoods conversation series.

- John Maciel, KW Magazine (CKWR FM). This award is to show our appreciation for the contributions John has made to our community work. We want to recognize the long standing relationship we have had as a guest on your radio show KW Magazine. Approximately every 6-8 weeks for more than 20 years we have been able to provide information to your listeners, making it possible to share seasonal information and to promote our community information service

- Jane Hennig, Volunteer Action Centre. Our organizations have been together for 17 years and we appreciate that we have provided continuous mutual benefit to each other and a joint resource for the community over this time. Once, the Social Planning Council was an incubator for creation of the this powerful agency and today the staff of the two organizations enjoy sharing the work, the resources and the community space

- Tania Benninger and Charlotte Zawada, KW Association of Realtors@. We want to recognize the support you have provided to the VisitAble Housing Project. It is validating to have the Realtors Guide we developed through this project be incorporated into your newly developed MLS system, eventually to be used in eight regions in south central and western Ontario. 

- Tanja Curic, Growth Management, Integrated Planning and Public Works, City of Waterloo. We want to recognize the many ways Tanja has supported the VisitAble Housing Project to make it as successful as it has been.  She has been on our Livable and Inclusive Community Project advisory groups since 2009. Her municipal planning knowledge has been very useful, her professional contacts helpful and she has provided a link to City of Waterloo services that have been of benefit to the project. 

- Stephen Baetz, Live Consultants Inc. Stephen has volunteered his strategic facilitation skills  in support of our community work and has been helping us develop the systemic analysis of poverty at the individual, community and global level. Although there is still much work to do, the learning to this point with local groups and organizations, as well as the Provincial Poverty Reduction Strategy team has been valuable and we anticipate that, as the project continues to unfold, it will provide tools and insight for the wider community as well. 

- Gloria MacNeil, ByLaw Enforcement Division, City of Kitchener.  We appreciate the partnership we have developed over the past two years to address property standards issues in the Traynor-Vanier neighbourhood. Gloria has provided leadership in facilitation the work of the enforcement partners group, including the property management, Fire Safety Department of the City of Kitchener and Regional Police. This work has resulted in better communication among the partners, including the tenants and tenant support services such as R.E.N.T. and Waterloo Region Community Legal Services who together developed the Tenant Rights Enforcement System Navigation Tool

- Paul Metzger and Brenda Dreesen, Traynor-Vanier Neighbourhood Connection. Paul and Brenda have been steadfast supporters of their neighbourhood and have persisted in working to make it a better place for people to live, despite some significant challenges along the way. We are inspired by their leadership with the KW Tenant Group and their extraordinary will to assist all the people in their community.