Transit Service as a Basic Human Right

Apr 30 2017

Alive Blog PhotoSocial Development Centre is pleased to be an ally for Awareness of Low Income Voices. We hosted our first meeting with them, the topic for the meeting was the GRT new fare boxes and Easy Go Card. Gethyn Beniston, project manager for electronic fare systems for the Region of Waterloo, provided information and heard much from ALIVE(e) members. The group was vocal regarding the needs of low-income and persons with disabilities during the transition to the new fare systems. There are a number of situations that require further attention such as registration of companion animals, tangible ways to show times on e-transfers, compatibility with mobility transportation services, proof of age requirements and discounted bus tickets for social service agency clients. The question was also raised about the transition to the new fare system fits with funding the Region has received for a feasibility study to increase access to affordable transit.

We know it is important to hear the voices of low-income people in shaping decision that affect them. Transit service must be treated as a basic human right.

Next meeting of the group is on May 19th, 11 am to 2 pm at 74 Frederick St. Kitchener, Trinity United Church. If you like more information or to attend a meeting, please email