Traynor-Vanier Rally

Jul 16 2018

Traynor Vanier RallyResidents of Traynor-Vanier neighbourhood are finally succeeding in bringing togther strong voices in support of the pedestrian crossing over the ION tracks. Their uphill struggle started back in 2014 with the creation of KW Tenant Group. On July 14th 2018, they come together, organized a rally and invited Region of Waterloo and City of Kitchener councillors to tell them how it feels walking through or around the fence to reach the stores, transit connections and workplaces on the other side of the Fairway Road. The informal routes were so important and engrained, that families high up from Courtland Avenue still find it safer to cut across the fence. The whole neighbourhood has a potential of being reivigorated if we connect the dots: Traynor Park, the community trail, the pedestrian crossing and importance of citizen led solutions. We will keep an eye on the big picture.