VisitAble Housing Forum Report

Apr 7 2016

The forum we hosted on VisitAble Housing was attended by planners, builders, realtors, elected officials, advocates and consumers. All supported the concept and agree that everyone would benefit from this thoughtful and inclusive design. Explore and learn more about this concept that holds a promise to improve lives of many - view the videos of the presentations and accompanying slides. We posted a brief report from the afternoon workshop and would like to hear from you as well. 



VisitAble Housing in Canada
Allen Mankewich, Canadian Centre on Disability Studies 


Housing Needs and Challenges
Jamie Shipley, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation 



A Municipal Planner’s Perspective
Tanja Curic, City of Waterloo






Builders Experience & What’s Possible
Rick Martins, Huron Creek Developments




VisitAble Housing Policy Change Directions
Trudy Beaulne, Social Development Centre Waterloo Region  











Workshop Presentation, Discussion Questions and Report 


Visitable Housing Forum 2016 Report