50th Anniversary & Future Focus

May 15 2017

Welcome Celebration 2016Looking to our past to set direction for our future! The Social Development Centre Waterloo Region (formerly Planning Council of Kitchener-Waterloo\Community Information Centre of Waterloo Region), incorporated in 1967. With a mission to cultivate community knowledge to advance social justice in Waterloo Region, the Centre keeps the community members informed, involved and prepared to act to make positive social change. 

With core values grounded in social justice, participatory democracy, community knowledge, diversity and relationship building, we participate in research on social issues, foster community involvement and information sharing. Our current activities kept a consistent focus over the 50 years.  Many issues identified in the 1960’s are still current in 2010’s, e.g. persons with disabilities, youth, affordable housing, community engagement and non-profit capacity building.  Neighbourhood development was first addressed in 1978, newcomers and poverty in the early 1980’s and digital inclusion in 2002. 

In a given year, we engage 3,000 people in community groups and forums, provide direct support to approximately 7,000 by phone or in person, and provide self-help advocacy and training for a number of action groups.

Firmly rooted in the history of our community and in the current research with citizen action groups, we are in a perfect position to stay apprised of the changing community context and to develop networks and partnerships to improve support systems in the region.

We work to respond to the social needs of the community which currently includes: