cCHALLENGE Pilot Project Wraps Up

Jul 8 2022

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Building a strong sense of individual agency can be the first and necessary step in countering the climate change locally. A group of nine participants, undertaking multiple challenges instead of just one, learned and shared over 30 days their successes, challenges, and shifts in thinking about change in the current social, economic, political and multi-cultural contexts. What is the environmental footprint of A Better Tent City? How would diverse meat-eating traditions adjust to the current meat-alternatives inspired food production and consumption? How do we instill new sets of values to the children regarding technology, energy consumption, reusable containers? How do we experience food growing, preparation and enjoyment as spiritual? Why are colder showers so invigorating? The report we are compiling will reveal some of the answers, as well the validation that we need more authentic voices in the climate justice work in the region from African and Black, Indigenous, immigrant, and low-income communities. Persons with disabilities, seniors and youth. We hope to build on this pilot and start new transformational approach with group, community, system and cultural challenges.