Civic Hub Meet Up

Jul 20 2018

Small Groups"The Social Development Centre is a Community Service Hub and without the hub the wheel does not spin - it just rolls, wobbles and crashes and the spokes fly around in every direction."  Loralie Broderick, CityWatch of WaterlooRegion

This is a quote from 2015 when many of our collaborators were sending in testimonies to support our funding requests. It sounds true today more than ever. After the First Small Groups Networking forum, we are exploring the universe of the local social innovation spaces to decide how to move forward with a unique idea of bringing small nonprofits together under a shared platform. The space in itself is not the highest priority. The 30 groups that came together in November told us that they seek cross promotion and recruitment from a co-working space. If you are struggling to reach out and connect to the community, consider this short survey and do come and meet with us on the 26th of July at  pm at the Social Development Centre.