Democracy, Anti-Racism, Dignity & RESPECT

Mar 15 2010

Social Planning Council of Kitchener-Waterloo and Cross Cultures Magazine invite you to attend an interactive session.

Democracy, Anti-Racism, Dignity & RESPECT
Can we be honest about how well we are doing?
Friday March 26, 2010
Kitchener City Hall
Council Chambers

  • challenging and really facing ourselves, not window dressing and patting ourselves on the back ... how is democracy intended to function ... are we on track, especially regarding human rights and inbred biases, overt and covert racism in Canada ... how true does 'mutual respect and dignity for all' ring?
  • cutting funding and centralizing services into what funders want done e.g. government directed transfer payment agencies... are we loosing focus? ... people are suffering ... are we building an effective social infrastructure that is responsive to people's needs and accountable to local communities?
  • Canadians are so proud of being 'nice' and a mosaic that includes everyone but we have many 'ism's' that label people as individuals and as communities of similar background and/or geography . Stigmatizing anyone at any level, whether individual or a neighbourhoodism does NOT make our communities more humane or caring.
  • how do we talk about the stigma and disrespect we show to many people in direct and indirect ways? What is systemic in our democratic process? what is based on individual attitudes that corrupt effective democracy?
  • What do YOU think? What other issues would you bring forward?

    This session is part of the UN International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

    This event is free and no registration is required
    Please see the poster for more details about the days events.