Homeless Creating Solutions for the Homeless

Feb 3 2023

YouTube Beyond the BulletinWe may not need another research on homelessness and supports to homeless in Waterloo Region for a long time. A lot has been said and remains ignored to the large extent today. The project we are starting in collaboration with the Region of Waterloo with Prof. Brian Doucet at University of Waterloo and Prof. Laura Pin from Wilfrid Laurier University is rooted in participatory action research approach. Contradiction? The reason we are grounding it in self-reflective approaches, participatory methods and prototyping is to allow for the lived experience voices to be heard, responded to and their wisdom actioned upon by the regional and city governments. After the January court ruling on the 100 Victoria encampment, there is a greater recognition of the violations of the human rights to shelter, safety and life, we wish to contribute to a greater awareness of the urgency to act in collaboration with lived experts on initiatives similar to the hybrid shelter in Waterloo or access to warming centres during weekends and holidays. Together with the partners on this project we hope to do this work with, not for, the people who gained invaluable insight and resilience through struggle, hardship and ongoing criminalization. As the project evolves through the regional planning to end chronic homelessness, take a listen of the podcast Prof. Brian Doucet recorded with Beyond the Bulletin.