Host a Kitchen Table Talk this Summer

Jun 30 2015

Kitchen Table Talks 2015We are inviting people to host, record and facilitate kitchen table talks this July and August in Kitchener-Waterloo. We continue exploration of the ways in which we can support decent living for everyone right there where we live and work. Kitchen Table Talks are small groups of friends, family, peers and neighbours, brought together in a familiar location and taking part in an exciting conversation. For information about the kitchen table talks and how you can get involved contact Trudy Beaulne at Take a look at the Kitchen Table Talk Flyer and Hosts' Kit!

At the 2nd Decent Lives Community Forum, all present were invited to discuss the key question or what we need to do in our community and neighbourhoods to support everyone living a decent life. Our discussion was based on the assumptions that 1) everyone deserves to live a decent life, 2) everyone wants to make a contribution 3) we need to create a new social contract in our society and country and 3) we are smart and capable of coming up with solutions. 

The notes from these discussions will be added to those compiled at the May 1, 2015 Decent Lives Forum and will form the basis for kitchen table talks this summer and  further community discussions in the fall. Stay tuned and if you are not already subscribed to our mailing list, make sure to do so by clicking here.