Many Faces of Displacement in Ontario

Jun 22 2022

Many faces of displacement"Many Faces of Urban and Rural Displacement: Ontario Tenants Organize and Speak Up" a new project of the Social Planning Network of Ontario in partnership with the Centre for Equality Rights and Accommodation and University of Waterloo has been launched with a coordinator in place. Rose Vandermeer actually lives in Kitchener! Now, we are ready to start engaging with local leads! This project is following up on the displacement studies we collaborated on with the University of Waterloo School of Planning and will engage and connect with tenants who have lived experience across Cornwall and area, Kingston and district, Oxford County and the York Region. Through collecting the narratives of those who have been impacted by precarious housing in both urban and rural settings, this project aims to address the gaps in knowledge, engagement and lived experience leadership.

See the attached project summary that addresses the gaps in data and knowledge about displacement in both rural and urban settings, and the development of tenant organizing and lived experience leadership. 

Project Summary - Many Faces.pdf477.28 KB