Moving Forward Together - Civic Hub

Jan 3 2019

Small Groups

It was a year ago when thirty small groups gathered to talk about a long-term need for a creative common space.  It was in part about an affordable physical space to hold meetings and host events, and it seemed even more so about an expression of commitment to a full and inclusive democratic life. Since then, we have arrived at a common vision: A home, a landmark, ACCESSIBLE to everyone, for civic and grassroots groups to showcases what is being done in the community, for small groups to support each other and build their credibility and capacity to advocate and provide services to the public. How can we leverage the wealth of ideas and resources in Waterloo Region to create a civic social innovation hub? We will explore our vision and the ways to talk to people in our community about the initiative; we will learn about connections with the existing hubs and networks; we will investigate sustainability of such an endeavour; and we will take a look at the benefits of working across culture, identity, and ideas. January 21st, 6pm to 8pm at the Social Development Centre WR, corner of Water St. North and Duke St. in Kitchener.

RSVP by January 16th at or 519-579-3800. Your voice counts too. 

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