Reversing Cycles that Produce Poverty

Nov 9 2018

Systemic Analysis of PovertyWork with us to explain systems that keep poverty in place. We are witnesses of the changing mindset towards poverty. The recognition of reasons why we cannot make a decent living now go beyond individual education or skill. It may be a life stage (youth or seniors) or ability (living with chronic health and mental health challenges); disruptive events such as injury, illness, natural disasters or job loss. At the end of the day, there are systemic factors (racism, xenophobia, employment standards, global recession, socio-economic and gender inequalities) that contribute to driving people in vulnerable circumstances into poverty and keeping them there. We can reverse those vicious cycles. Find out more and help us leverage the knowledge accumulated over the last 10 years: 519-579-3800 or

"The reason we like to say 'poverty is your fault' is that it distances ourselves from that reality. We recognize our vulnerability and we have experience with poverty first- or second-hand. But if it's 'your fault,' it can't happen to me." Derek Cook, Director of the Canadian Poverty Institute at Ambrose University in Alberta.

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