Virtual Festival Celebration Nov 15

Oct 16 2020

2020 CelebrationThe 2020 Annual Festival Of Neighbourhoods Celebration is coming on Sunday, November 15th, beginning at 1:00pm!

Festival Of Neighbourhoods invites you to share your activities and ways to remain inclusive and engage your neighbourhood both on and offline. You can fill out the online RSVP form at or email with your ideas.The celebration will recognize all the amazing ways you and your neighbours created community and connections through the past year. Part of the 2020 Celebration will highlight what your neighbourhoods have been up to since last year with videos and stories collected by our Celebration Planner, Allison Brown.

Allison is searching for:

Photos, videos, posters and other memorabilia from your neighbourhood projects, gatherings and activities from October 1st, 2019 until November 8th, 2020

Neighbours to share stories about how they support front-line workers, how they are helping each other stay connected and cope with isolation, how they are helping keep each other healthy, experiences organizing and participating in community projects, and how they create neighbourhood inclusion 

This can include food drives, nightly pot-banging supporting health care, window and front yard displays, community gardens, art projects, walks and bike rides, socially distanced gatherings, neighbourhood clean-ups, and anything you and your neighbours were up to this year to stay connected both before and during the pandemic.

Get in touch with Allison to feature your neighbourhood for the 2020 Celebration and contribute your ideas about how you’d like to participate –

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