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Every Voice Counts CampaignHelp us reach our core funding goal for a better common future - $20,000. We are fortunate to live in a prosperous region but the benefits of living here are not shared equitably. At this year’s provincial and municipal Meet the Candidates Forums, the residents told us that affordable housing, free transit, opioid crisis, gentrification, environmental justice and meaningful participation in decision-making would be the pressing issues in the coming years. This feedback testifies that some of us are missed, forgotten or left behind, and that we would all benefit from a broader community dialogue.

Our mission and work are as important as ever before, especially to foster community dialogue and to mitigate the threat of divisiveness, regardless of our world views, colour of our skin, political convictions or material standing to improve the lives of all our neighbours. You can show you trust this path we are on and contribute to the core fundraising goal so we continue to work together in solving today’s challenges.

Major challenge is a common space for small and informal groups to work, collaborate and host events. 
Civic Hub Initiative needs our support to create a landmark and an accessible home for groups providing supports to the community in a range of areas. Ethnocultural and mainstream groups are impacted equally.

Community diversity being represented at all levels of decision making would create a breakthrough in social inclusion. Some groups would need more supports to participate in meaningful ways in a range of social inclusion initiatives in the region. 
Holistic and Lifelong Participation Support Initiative is a multilayered model that supports persons with lived expertise in their core wellbeing, respectful and non-biased communication, system navigation, individual and group advocacy skills. We are bringing a range of community partners to work with us in making sure everyone has the supports they need to be informed, engaged and impactful.

Every voice counts. Your voice and your donation too.

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Oral History Project

Elizabeth Clarke, Regional Councilor     

"That special connection to the grassroots... 
I think that's the piece that the Social 
Development Centre brings that is
completely unique".

 Martin de Groot, Commons Studio

"It is that neighbourhood, community
 level where people actually live is the
most important and also, what we really
need is a connecting element of it all".

 Jane Hennig, ED Volunteer Action Centre WR

"Their role is really about providing the voice
to people who do not have a voice traditionally.
That is where they stand out from other


John MacDonald Architect

"Trudy and the Social Planning Council
would be bringing a voice to the table
that wasn't always appreciated to be
heard. When your conscinece steps up
to the microphone, do you appreciate it?"

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